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Pressiometric Tests (PMT)

The pressiometric test (PMT) consists of pressiometric probe placed in the tested soil and gradually filled with water. The subsequent swelling of soil or rock around the hole is determined as a dependence of the measured volume of water on the pressure increment that is gradually increased in a priory defined time intervals.

The pressiometric test provides the following parameters as a function of depth z [m]:

  • pressiometric (Menard) modulus Em [MPa] - is obtained from the pressiometric test and depends on the type of sheath of probe (rubber sleeve, perforated casing).
  • limit pressure pLM [MPa] - represents an increment of water pressure in the testing probe depending on the volume change of soil or rock, respectively.

The result of pressiometric test is its process plotted as a graph. The evaluation of pressiometric tests (PMT) are used as input parameters for the analyses in the "Micropile" program (Bustamante method), "Sheeting Check" and "Anti-Slide Pile" program (modulus of subsoil reaction according to Menard or according to the NF P 94-282).

Import of PMT

The results of pressiometric tests (PMT) can be imported into the program by inserting the file in different formats (eg. *.TXT, *.CSV, *.XLSX, *.ODS).


EN ISO 22476-4: Geotechnical investigation and testing - Field testing. Part 4: Menard pressuremeter test, 2005.