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Input and Edit of Soils

In the "Add new soil" dialog window, we input a name of a soil and parameters that should be obtained from laboratory measurements or geological survey.

All input fields in the window are mandatory. The only exception is the value of γsat (unit weight of saturated soil) in the section "Uplift". If this field remains empty, the program automatically adds the value of γ  (unit weight of soil).

The Hint button "" provides information about the theory of analyses linked to individual values put in.

Color and pattern category of a soil can be set in the combo lists in the right part of the dialog window.

If no geological survey or laboratory experiments are available, the soil can be specified with help of the soil database containing approximate values of basic characteristics. The "Classify" button opens the "Classification of soils" dialog window with values offered to insert into the window. The "Delete" button allows to remove information about classified soil from the catalog. Soil parameters that do not appear in the catalog ("Friction angle struc-soil" in the picture) must be assigned manually in any case. The characteristics of rocks is not listed in the built database, these parameters must be also defined manually. Approximate parameters of rocks are presented in the theoretical part of the Help (for solution of earth pressures, for calculation of rock stability or for analysis of bearing capacity of foundation on bedrock).

The specified soil is inserted into the list of soils by pressing the "Add" button.

"Add new soils" dialog window