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This section includes the possibility to select the assortments of elements (nail plates, timber, etc.) to be used in the design of the structure.


  • Here the name of the designer can be chosen. This name will then be displayed in the header of the documentation. The names of the suppliers who are entered in the "Company catalogue" with the specialization "Designer" are available in the list.


  • this section allows to choose a timber supplier. There are suppliers from the "Company catalogue" that have a range of timber specified in the properties. It is also possible to select the "[user-defined]" option, where a timber range that does not match any of the timber suppliers in the catalogue can be entered. The "Edit" button can be used to change the timber assortment directly, especially dimensions and prices.

Nail plates

  • In this part, it is possible to select the database of nail plates to be used in the design. Again, it is possible to choose from the suppliers of nail plates from the "Company catalogue" or use the "[user-defined]" option. The "Edit" button can be used to change the range of nail plates available for the design, adjust the price or restrict the use of certain types of nail plates in specific structural details.

Plate material

  • If the selected contact plate database contains multiple material types (typically galvanized and stainless steel plates), it is possible to select which material will be used in the automatic design.


  • This section allows to select, or modify, the catalogue of metalwork. Only available in the "Truss 3D" program

Tab "Catalogues"