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This tab contains settings that relate to the design of timber members.

The value "Maximum number of automatic design cycles" specifies the maximum number of iterations for designing the dimensions of wooden parts in cases where the design does not converge to the correct solution fast enough. The recommended value is 10.

The table "Timber depth limits" allows you to enter the minimum and maximum depth of the cross-section for each type of member (top and bottom chords, edge verticals, infill members). The automatic design for a given group of elements then respects these specified limits and does not design a cross-section whose dimensions do not match the specified parameters. For peripheral parts it is possible to switch on the "Respect max. depth" setting. If this setting is checked, the program selects the largest designed cross-section depth for the given member type and applies it to all members of this type. With this setting, it is possible to effectively reduce the number of designed timber depths. This setting should not be used in cases where parts have the " divide member in splice" setting applied (it can be set for the whole project in the "Design Options" under the "Splices" tab, for individual parts in the "Member Properties").

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