GEO5 Logiciel

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Using help

Help window can either be launched by directing through the program menu (items "Help", "Content") or by pressing "F1" button anywhere in the program. If using "F1" button, the dedicated page for active program mode or window will be displayed.

These tools can be used for navigation in Help window:

  • Tree menu - List of the topics organized in the tree structure. Left-button click on the topic launches corresponding page in the right part of the window. The branches of the tree menu can be hidden by clicking the symbols "+/-" in front of the topic's name. The tree menu can be hidden by clicking the button "Hide" in the main toolbar.
  • Buttons "Back" and "Forward" - These buttons in the main toolbar allow listing through pages, which have been recently opened.
  • Search - input field that can be used to search for a specific expression. The list of pages with the occurrence of the search term is displayed in the tree menu, the search expression is colored in the text.
  • Links - The help pages contain links to the related pages. These links are highlighted by blue colour.
  • Index - List of topics organized in the alphabetical order. The index can be displayed using tab "Index" above the tree menu.

Individual pages or the entire help content can be printed using the "Print" button in the toolbar. In addition to direct printing, there is also the option to save the content as a text document or *.pdf file.

Help window