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Copy to Clipboard

The program allows using the Windows clipboard in two different ways:

  • It is possible to copy the current desktop view. The picture can then be inserted into an arbitrary editor (MS Word, Paintbrush, Adobe Photoshop, etc.). Copying the pictures to clipboard can either be done by using the control menu (items "Outputs", "Copy picture") or by the button on the "Outputs" control bar. The settings of parameters are defined in the "Options" dialog window, "Copy to clipboard" tab.
  • It is possible to copy the program input data (soil parameters, profile and interfaces, surcharges, water impact, terrain, etc.). The copied data can then be pasted into the same or another GEO5 program as a new project. Copying to the clipboard can be either done using the control menu (items "Edit", "Copy data", "Paste data into new project") or using the button on the "Edit" toolbar.

It is also possible to use a special GeoClipboard™ of the GEO5 software, which enables data transfer between input modes or construction stages of one or more programs.

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